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Albion Online – The Role of Currency

Like a real city, all items and buildings in Albion Online are player crafted (with a few exceptions, such as beginner towns, harbours, etc) and resources for making items and buildings can be found in the world. Of course you … Continue reading

The New Albion Online Heretics

April 27, 2016 – Sandbox Interactive released a new high quality video revolving around the Heretic faction in their sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online. The video features elements of the lore and origins of the faction. It is lined with concept art, … Continue reading

Albion Online Guild Island

Albion Online contains 2 types of islands; non-instanced island regions and instanced player islands including guild islands and personal islands. One of my favorite features in Albion Online has to be the private guild islands. Guilds like ours are absolutely … Continue reading